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Women's Committee 2019 CLC Winter School Scholarship

The Women’s Committee of the VDLC is once again offering a scholarship to Harrison Winter School for a VDLC delegate who identifies as a woman for a course that is designed to build leadership skills and knowledge among women labour activists.  

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VDLC Scholarship to Attend Harrison Winter School 2019

The Vancouver and District Labour Council is pleased to announce that we are once again offering a scholarship for the CLC Harrison Winter School. The funding source is the VDLC’s Anita Yan Memorial Labour Law program.

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Join Our #LabourVotes2018 Team!

On October 20, voters have a critical decision to make. Our city is at a crossroads. One path leads to right-wing government which will take us in the wrong direction. 

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VDLC Endorses #AllOnBoard Campaign

The VDLC endorses the #AllOnBoard campaign and its objective of promoting equitable access to public transit for all. 

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Vote PR BC

The VDLC supports the adoption of proportional representation in this years' referendum. Visit our friends at VotePRBC.ca for more information. 

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Help Us Win on Oct. 20

On October 20th British Columbians will go to the polls to elect their municipal governments.  Municipal elections are always important.  The outcomes impact schools, roads, libraries, parks, and services that we use every day. 

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